Free eCards

With social networking all the rage these days there are more friends and family in constant contact than ever before. One might think conveying would be quite time consuming and pricy. However, free ecards from can make it quick, simple and fun.
Today, sending ecards is perfectly acceptable and even preferred. Plus, you don't have to go to the store or print a card out, get stamps, find an envelope or a mailing address. With free ecards you can customize your greeting cards. Personalize them by adding a picture, add your own message, change the font, even resize the letters if you like. With just a few clicks of a mouse you're ready to go. It works so seamlessly that it almost feels like a small miracle.

And unlike traditional paper card greetings, (which, by the way are beautiful cards, too), many of My Fun Cards are animated, bringing an extra layer of fun to you and those that receive them. Chose from funny cards, or interactive games cards. Want to send a group card? You can do that, too! Want something simpler than animated ecards? Pick a post card!